An investigation of the impact of Baghdad and Seljuk miniature painting schools on Minai wares

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Iranian

2 Islamic Archaeologist


Pottery art in Iran reached its apex during the Seljuk and Kharazmshahi eras. In these two periods, artists produced high-quality wares,with Minai decorations which were considered as masterpieces of Islamic art from an aesthetical point of view. These wares were decorated with motifs existing in manuscripts illustrated by artists from Baghdad and Seljuk miniature painting schools portraying epic stories in the Shahnameh or love stories in Nezami’s Khamse. Although very noticeable, influences on Minai wares from miniature works of Baghdad and Seljuk schools have received little attention by researchers. This led researchers to investigate the similarities of motifs remained from Baghdad and Seljuk schools in works such as Varagha and Golshah, Kalileh-and-Dimna and Hariri Maghamat to recognise their influences on the motifs of Mina wares. The main purpose of this paper is to study and explore the impact of Baghdad and Seljuk miniature painting schools on Minai wares and evaluate their respective influences on Minai wares. The methodological approach applied in this study includes historical-comparative analysis as well as researches in libraries and museums resources. Illustrated manuscripts belonging to Baghdad and Seljuk schools were identified, their similarities and differences were singled out and finally their influences on Minai wares were evaluated.