The Dalma Settlements of Songhor and Koliyaei Plains, Central Zagros

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Phd Student in Archaeology, Art University of Isfahan, Iran

2 M. A in Archaeology: Islamic Azad University, Tehran’s Central Branch, Iran

3 Assistant Professor: Archaeology Department, University of Shahr-e-kord, Iran


Although prehistoric periods (especially Chalcolithic) on the western side of the Central Zagros Mountain are fairly known, the Songhor and Koliyaei Plains have not been sufficiently investigated by western  or  Iranian archaeologists. In the course of the recent investigationsduring the 2002 and 2009 field seasons, thirty three chalcolithic sites, of which nine sites  contain Dalma sherds, were identified. The above  nine sites are located close to the water resources and most of them are located in the hill sides where pasture lands are accessible. Small size settlements testify that there have been small sedentary or semi-sedentary villages whose inhabitants could obtain  their requirements by animal husbandry. The present paper aims  to provide valuable information on this culture and examine its probable interaction with its neighboring regions such as Kangavar, Mahidasht, and south of Kurdistan.
Keywords: Central Zagros, Songhor and Koliyaei, Chalcolithic period, Dalma tradition, Pottery.